Linguanet Spain - Javea Language School & Spanish Classes

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Linguanet Spain is a language school in Javea, offering language courses for all levels, including Spanish Group classes, and private Spanish lessons on a 1-1 or 2-1 basis. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level with your Spanish, contact Lucia at today for more details. Spanish courses are also available via thr online school "Easy Spaniah". Visit the Linguanet spain website for more details.


Avenida de Lepanto 8

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
09:00 - 20:00
Language(s) spoken
  • English
  • Spanish
Linguanet Spain - Javea Language School & Spanish Classes

Linguanet Spain is a language school in the Port Market in Javea, offering different Spanish language courses for all levels in Javea.

The school specialises in offering Private Spanish Lessons on a 1-1, or 2-1 basis for adults, kids, with flexible times and teachers. 

Online learning is also available via the Online School "Easy Spanish".

For further information please visit: LINGUANET SPAIN

Linguanet Spain - Javea Language School & Classes


"Simply the Best"
"Having booked a holiday in Javea last summer I decided to see if I could find some Spanish lessons for my teenage daughter whilst we were there as she was struggling with her Spanish GCSE classes at school to the extent that  I had been told it was  unlikely that she would pass.  I found Palabracadabra online and arranged some lessons with Lucia during our holiday.  My daughter immediately took to Lucia and the improvements were magical - her approach to learning Spanish and her confidence in her ability to learn it were transformed after just the first lesson.  Lucia is an amazing teacher, everything you could hope for, patient, encouraging, genuinely interested in teaching and in her students as people - she simply worked magic on my daughter's previously hidden ability, and interest, in learning the language.
When we returned home we continued with the lessons by Skype and these worked brilliantly. The improvements, and my daughter's interest in doing well in her Spanish classes, were incredible - from a Grade E in the summer exams  (pre-Lucia) to a Grade B in the November mock GCSE exam. I couldn't recommend Lucia highly enough - she is an A* teacher - every school should have a Lucia!  The GCSE results aren't out yet - but we will be calling Lucia as soon as they are!"

Alistair Howie
"I have been attending Spanish classes by Lucia for just over a year now and the result has made my stay in Spain so much more enjoyable, as I can understand and communicate with the local people.
I bought an apartment in Moraira on the Costa Blanca eighteen months ago and was soon aware that, in order to get the best out of my time here in Spain, where I spend four or five months in the winter, I needed to learn Spanish. I was very fortunate that I found Lucia's school, Palabracadabra, on the internet and started going to classes twice a week at Xabia.
Lucia is a very friendly, encouraging teacher who has great patience, explaining, as often as is necessary, things that you do not understand or when you forget phrases or grammar. Lucia has a professional approach to her work, but manages to make people feel very comfortable. She also varies the speed of her lessons to suit the individual. For example, I am in my sixties and now a bit slow to learn; whereas I know that she has many younger pupils who can pass through the course much quicker. For me, it helps that Lucia speaks impeccable English and can therefore explain things clearly that I do not understand. Having said that, she now conducts my classes in Spanish only (unless I am truly lost), which is really good practice.
In the early months, it was difficult for me to understand Spanish people, and their words appeared to run together in a jumble. However, now, I can understand a lot of what is said - and, importantly, respond - although that is still the difficult bit. I can also now understand notices and instructions, for example in the bank; and can manage in those shops and restaurants where only Spanish is spoken. When I return to the United Kingdom, I have weekly lessons with Lucia on Skype, which stops my Spanish from getting rusty between visits to Spain.
If you are considering learning Spanish either whilst on the Costa Brava or on Skype if you are not in Spain, I would thoroughly recommend that you get in touch with Lucia at Palabracadabra."

Roger & Sue Hunton - Javea
"We have enjoyed being taught by Lucia for the last few weeks. She is full of encouragement, she uses well produced material......and most importantly our Spanish is improving . ..Poco par poco!"

David Craine - Conference Interpreter
"If you want to start learning Spanish or improve your existing knowledge of the language I can recommend LINGUANET SPAIN in Javea.
The school uses excellent teaching materials (text books and recordings) and the teachers are native speakers of Spanish who can give explanations in English if necessary.  Furthermore the teachers are kind and patient. I was revising Spanish at a relatively advanced level and was very satisfied with the approach used."

Stephen - Javea
"I did one of LINGUANT SPAIN'S specialist week long courses in Ser and Estar. The course was very professionally run. I also liked the idea of going to a local bar for our break where we had tapas. All this was included in the price. If you want a good place to learn Spanish, then this is the place. All the teachers are patient (very important when you are learning)."
Linguanet Spain - Javea Language School & Spanish Classes
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